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Understanding Myopia and its Symptoms

Posted on 09-14-2017

Myopia, commonly called nearsightedness, refers to a person's lack of visual acuity when viewing objects at a distance. Those with myopia find it difficult to read road signs, play sports, wat...

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UV Facts and How Sunglasses Help

Posted on 07-13-2017

During the summer months you tend to wear sunglasses more often, but you should actually wear sunglasses all year long in the Bronx, NY. More importantly, you want to choose UV sunglasses that pro...

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Are You A Candidate for Dry Eye Treatment?

Posted on 05-31-2017

Dry eye syndrome isn't just having itchy, watery eyes. It's a real medical condition that can actually endanger the surface of your eyes. At VistaSite Eye Care we treat a wide variety of p...

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Not All Sunglasses Are Created Equal

Posted on 05-10-2017

While you might think all sunglasses are basically the same, you might not be doing your eyes a favor. Just because a famous designer puts his or her name on it doesn't mean it's better th...

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The Importance of UV Protection

Posted on 04-27-2017

It's natural to want to wear sunglasses in the middle of the hot summer, but protecting your eyes should be a year-round habit. At VistaSite Eye Care, our optometrists recommend wearing profes...

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