Contact Lenses

Contact lenses continue to be one of the most popular form of vision correction. Approximate number of contact lens wearers in the United States is 34 million. In recent years advances in technologies have significantly improved contact lens materials and design. That resulted in improved comfort, quality of vision and lower rate of contact lens related complications. At VistaSite you will be advised on the best contact lens option for your eyes.

Our contact lens fit includes computerized prescription determination, corneal topography and microscopic evaluation. In our office we fit even most challenging cases: high myopia and hyperopia, irregular astigmatism, keratoconus and post-refractive surgery corneal complications.

Soft contact lenses consist of polymer material that is combined with water. Many contact lenses are worn for a short period of time and then are thrown away. There are, however, soft contact lenses that are worn for a year.

Hard contact lenses are made of plastic and therefore are more durable. Unlike soft contact lenses they are custom- made for every patient and provide better quality vision, especially in patients with difficult prescriptions. Adaptation period is however longer than with soft contact lenses.

Hybrid contact lenses (Softperm, Synergeyes) are combination of hard contact lens in the center and soft “skirt” at the periphery. They provide superior quality of vision of hard contact lens and comfort of soft contact lens.