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Contact Lens Exam in Bronx, Brooklyn, and Manhattan

Contact lenses provide a convenient way to see clearly without having to rely on eyeglasses. In order to accurately correct your vision while also offering a comfortable fit, you should have a contact lens exam. This exam, which differs from routine eye exams, helps ensure that you will have contact lenses that fit properly in your eyes and provide you with the vision correction you need. At VistaSite Eye Care, our optometrists offer contact lens exams in Bronx, Brooklyn, and Manhattan.

woman with contact lens in New York

Contact Lens Exams for Quality Vision Correction

When you rely on contact lenses to see clearly, it is important to make sure that these corrective lenses are improving your vision as much as possible. Our optometrists ensure this by checking your vision and determining how strong your contact lens prescription needs to be for each eye. Keep in mind that one eye is usually at least a little stronger than the other in terms of vision. Accurately measuring your vision allows our optometrists to write out a prescription for contact lenses that will help you see clearly until you experience changes in this prescription.

Contact Lens Fittings for Comfort

When you order contact lenses for vision correction, making sure that they fit comfortably in your eyes is crucial. Since you will be wearing these lenses often or on a regular basis, they need to provide you with a proper fit. Otherwise, you can experience mild to severe discomfort when you have them in. When you come in for a contact lens exam, our optometrists will do a fitting to make sure that your new lenses are comfortable for you. Although you might experience some slight discomfort at first, especially if you have never worn contacts before, this should fade as you gradually get used to having them in.

Contact Lens Prescriptions in Bronx, Manhattan, and Brooklyn

Your contact lens prescription determines how strong your lenses will be in order to allow you to see clearly. This prescription typically changes from time to time, so it is important to come in every year for a contact lens exam. Other factors might also affect your prescription, such as changes in your work environment, general health or day-to-day activities.

During each contact lens exam, which you should have every year, you will have your prescription updated if needed. This ensures that your contact lenses are able to provide you with accurate vision correction. In some cases, your prescription might not change from year to year, but you can still get a new pair of contact lenses if desired. 

Contact Us for a Contact Lens Exam in Bronx, Brooklyn or Manhattan

If you need to have your eyes examined for contact lenses, contact VistaSite Eye Care for an appointment. Our optometrists can provide you with a comprehensive contact lens exam in Bronx, Brooklyn or Manhattan. We will make sure that your contact lenses fit your eyes properly and improve your vision.

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