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Comprehensive Eye Exam in Bronx, Brooklyn and Manhattan

Routine eye exams are a crucial part of keeping your eyes in good condition and protecting your vision. Our optometrists at VistaSite Eye Care offer a comprehensive eye exam in Bronx, Brooklyn, and Manhattan to those who are due for this important visit. Keep in mind that you should have your eyes and vision examined once a year or more often if you have any eye problems. 

woman getting an eye exam in New York

Eye Exams for Eye Health

Having eye an exam done every year helps keep your eyes as healthy as possible. Our optometrists check different parts of your eyes and different aspects of your vision to determine if there are any problems that might need to be treated or managed. During routine eye exams, our optometrists check vision acuity to determine the quality of your vision. You will also have the inner parts of your eyes checked for potential problems, such as pressure on the optic nerve, which is a sign of glaucoma. Our optometrists also measure your vision to see if you need eyeglasses or contact lenses to help you see better. If you do, you can pick out a new pair of eyeglass frames or contact lenses at our office.

High-Quality Tools and Technology for Eye Exams

When you come to VistaSite Eye Care for an annual eye exam, our optometrists use high-quality tools and technology in order to provide you with exceptional care. During your eye exam, we might use an optical coherence tomography (OCT) machine to produce detailed images of your retina in order to check for any evidence of potential problems.

Our other tools and technology include retinal photography that we use to check for signs of disease or other problems that need to be treated, such as glaucoma or macular degeneration. To check the curvature of your eye, we use corneal topography, which helps us determine if you need corrective lenses for your vision. In order to look for problems with your peripheral vision, we use a visual field machine that gives us detailed information on your field of view.

Dilation during Eye Exams in Bronx, Brooklyn, and Manhattan

Depending on the condition of your eyes and your overall health, you might need to have your eyes dilated during your eye exam. Our optometrists generally use dilation when patients have diabetes, severe nearsightedness, glaucoma or other eye and health conditions. Dilation helps us gather more detailed information on the structure of your eyes, so we can determine the best type of treatment if needed. Please note that you might need to wear sunglasses after having your eyes dilated due to temporary sensitivity to light. 

Contact Our Optometrist for an Eye Exam in Brooklyn, Manhattan or Bronx

If you are due for a routine eye exam, please contact our optometrist to set up an appointment for an eye exam in Brooklyn, Manhattan or Bronx. Our optometrist will examine your vision and help you enjoy optimal eye health.

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