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Eye Exams at Vistasite Eye Care, Your Eye Doctors in Brooklyn

At Vistasite Eye Care, we provide comprehensive vision screening and care for our patients. Our goal is to help protect your vision while also ensuring your eyes remain healthy. We do this through a comprehensive eye exam. We recommend coming in at least one time a year for an annual eye exam. Schedule an appointment to see your eye doctors in Brooklyn, Bronx Valley Stream, and Washington Heights.

eye exams from your optometrists in brooklyn

General Eye Exams for Eye Care and Vision Needs

At the heart of our practice is providing our patients with ongoing eye care. This starts with routine eye exams. During these eye exams, we’ll look at the vision acuity, or quality, by having you provide us with information on what you can see. We’ll also take a look at the internal structure of your eyes, the pressures within them, and the overall development and health of the optic nerve. This process allows us to ensure your eyes remain healthy for years to come.

Comprehensive Technology to Rely On

We keep the highest quality machinery and technology within reach to ensure our clients always get accuracy in their vision screenings. Among the technology we offer is:

  • OCT Machine: Designed to take an image of the cross section of the retina, the OCT, or optical coherence tomography, is one of the latest tools available. It provides your eye doctor with in-depth information about the function of the retina to allow for pinpointing any concerns with the structures of the eyes.
  • Retinal Photography: This process helps us locate any abnormalities or disease present in the eyes. It is often used alongside another testing to track the progression of eye diseases such as macular degeneration, cranial nerves, glaucoma, and diabetes.
  • Corneal Topography: This is another noninvasive procedure that provides us with a virtual map of the surface of the eye. It provides details about the curvature of the eye and the outer structures. It provides us with information about the refractive power necessary to improve your vision.
  • Visual Field Machine: This provides us with insight into the field of view you have. It can help us to detect concerns related to the peripheral vision.

What You Can Expect When You Visit Your Optometrists

When you come in to see your optometrists for a vision screening or for eye care, we’ll provide a thorough examination and gather information from you. Some patients may need dilation. It is common for us to recommend dilation if you have certain types of eye diseases or structural elements. For example, dilation is necessary for those who may have diabetes, glaucoma, and high nearsightedness.

Call Vistasite Eye Care For An Appointment Today!

Call Vistasite Eye Care to schedule an appointment with your optometrists. We’re the trusted eye doctors in Brooklyn, Bronx, Valley Stream, and Washington Heights you want to work with for all of your eye care and vision needs. Call us for an appointment at 212-320-2222. We look forward to meeting with you!

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