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Glaucoma Treatment in New York

Just one of the eye conditions for which we screen during a comprehensive eye exam, glaucoma is marked by the eye's increased intraocular pressure. The increased pressure within the eye puts stress on the optic nerve. This nerve is responsible for sending the electronic signals to your brain which allow you to see. A damaged or stressed optic nerve can lead to visual disturbances and permanent vision loss. For this reason, early detection and treatment of glaucoma are essential to preserving healthy eyesight.

women getting glaucoma treatment in Bronx

Glaucoma Symptoms and Risk Factors

Often referred to as the "silent thief of sight," glaucoma does not present many early symptoms. Symptoms of more advanced cases might include: 

  • eye pain
  • distorted vision
  • blurred vision
  • sudden vision loss

We recommend most patients see an eye doctor for an eye exam at least once per year. Some patients, however, might be at a higher risk of developing glaucoma. Depending on your personal health and medical history, our eye doctor might recommend more frequent check-ups if you fall into one of these high-risk categories:

  • over age 40
  • family history of glaucoma
  • nearsighted or farsighted
  • high eye pressure
  • eye injury
  • thinning optic nerve
  • diabetic
  • suffer from migraines
  • certain systemic disorders

Our eye doctor can work with you to determine an appropriate frequency for your comprehensive eye exams to ensure early detection of diseases like glaucoma.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Glaucoma

During a comprehensive eye exam, our eye doctor will visually examine the internal structures of your eyes, specifically the optic nerve, by dilating your pupils and then use an instrument to test the intraocular pressure of your eyes. If an abnormal pressure is detected, we will work with you to determine the proper course of treatment. 

Mild cases of glaucoma can usually be managed with the use of prescription eye drops to lower pressure inside the eye. More advanced cases might require surgery for glaucoma or additional medications. 

Early Detection of Glaucoma in Bronx, NY and Surrounding Areas

The American Optometric Association recommends healthy adults have at least an annual comprehensive eye exam to ensure early diagnosis and treatment of serious eye diseases and conditions like glaucoma. With few detectable early signs or symptoms, the early diagnosis of conditions like glaucoma is imperative to successful treatment.

Meet Our Bronx Glaucoma Treatment Optometrist Today

At Vistasite Eye Care, we are proud to offer our patients the most advanced eye care treatments. We provide a full menu of eye care services in addition to diagnosis and treatment for Glaucoma in Bronx, NY, and patients in the surrounding areas. 

If you have yet to schedule your annual eye exam, we encourage you to contact our office at 7183242020 to schedule an appointment. 

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