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Hard to Fit Contact Lenses

If you need fairly straightforward vision correction, for mild to moderate nearsightedness or farsightedness, contact lenses have been a viable option for decades. For people with more complex vision problems, however, eyeglasses have been your only choice until relatively recently. Today, when you choose our expert NY eye doctors, even the most challenging vision problems (or a combination of problems) may be correctable--with the right type of specialty contacts.hard to fit contact lenses help from your optometrist in brooklyn

Finding the Best Contacts for Your Complex Vision Problem in Valley Stream, NY

The following vision deficits may be successfully treated with certain specialty contact lenses:

  • Astigmatism: Using precise measurements of your eye shape, we will prescribe soft toric contacts made to fit the unique, slightly irregular, shape of each eye. Or we can opt for hard contacts that will help re-shape your eye and smooth out the irregular areas to help you see clearly. Another option may be hybrid contact lenses, where the center is hard and the edges are made of soft, silicone hydrogel.
  • Dry eye: We may prescribe contacts made of special materials (or in special, larger shapes) that help your eyes retain moisture, such as scleral contact lenses that cover the whites of the eyes. In some cases, switching to daily disposable contacts works for patients with dry eyes.
  • Presbyopia: We may correct this age-related vision problem with bifocal contact lenses. Lenses can be prescribed for monovision, with one lens correcting for near vision and the other for far vision. Alternatively, you may receive a prescription for contacts with concentric circles of different lens powers in both eyes and there are other options.
  • High myopia or high hyperopia: Individuals with high nearsightedness or farsightedness may benefit from RGP (rigid gas permeable lenses), because they can be made thinner than soft lenses, drying out the eyes less than the thicker soft lenses needed for high degrees of vision correction.
  • Keratoconus: To correct this congenital eye condition, where the center of your cornea thins out and the eye becomes more cone-shaped over time, we typically fit you with larger scleral contacts and/or hard contacts (rigid gas permeable lenses). Alternatively, we may recommend a small corneal ring which will help flatten the cornea (Intacs). 
  • Post-refractive surgery complications: If you had LASIK or another type of eye surgery in the past and have been left needing reading glasses, we can help. We provide proper eye care that can include a personalized contact lens prescription, sometimes with a type of scleral lens.

How We Fit Specialty Contacts in Washington Heights

Our optometrists in the Bronx and Brooklyn provide superior eye care for individuals who are hard-to-fit for contacts. You'll receive a thorough exam and precise prescription to sharpen your vision. Our expert eye doctors are familiar with the latest contact lens types and their characteristics, their different sizes (dimensions), different materials, and more. We will work with you to pinpoint the best contact lens to correct your complicated vision problems.

Learn about Your Options for Contact Lenses in Valley Stream Today!

If you want to explore your options for contacts, even if you have a difficult-to-fit vision problem, we can help. Our eye doctors will work with you to find contact lenses that are both comfortable and effective to correct your vision. Contact us at one of our seven convenient locations today:

Bronx: 718-320-2222, 718-292-2002 or 718-324-2020
Brooklyn: 718-253-0100 or 917-933-9090
Valley Stream: 516-568-2010 
Washington Heights: 212-923-2020

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