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The Age of the Blue Light

You must be asking yourself what is blue light?  Well, blue light falls into two different categories when it comes to our eyes. Blue-violet light, which is harmful and can be damaging to your retina, and blue-turquoise light, which has a positive effect on your body, such as regulating your sleep patterns.


Like many of our patients, you must be asking yourself why my eye doctor prescribed me anti-glare lenses. Well, we are living in a digital world where we spend about more than 6 hours a day on digital devices. These digital devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers expose our eyes to harmful blue-violet lights that can have negative effect on your visual system such as eye strain.


Your Eye care physician is protecting your eyes by prescribing you anti-glare lenses and is also helping you see at your best clarity. At our office, we offer premium Essilor lenses, such as Crizal Prevencia, Sapphire 360, and the blue light series to protect your eyes from the harmful blue lights and heighten your vision. These lenses do not only protect your eyes from harmful blue lights but they also filter in the positive blue-turquoise light, and they are built to be scratch-resistant, repel dust, resist smudge, and to repel water.  


Helen G. Helen is one of the many dedicated front end personnel that helps Brooklyn VistaSite Eye Care achievement high-quality optometry services for new and existing patients. She wants to help us strive to enhance and preserve each patient's vision by helping them understand how their glasses and eye health work hand in hand.